Read about the latest addition to the ONDA Marketplace – the section of the ONDA web Portal that showcases the applications developed on our platform by our Third Party Users:
  • FAROS (FARming Observation System) is a platform developed by IPTSAT to support farmers and agronomists by providing an easy to use solution to control, prevent and analyse the crops using Copernicus Sentinel data.
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  • SIAMtm (Satellite Image Automatic Mapper) is an off-the-shelf lightweight computer program, whose goal is to accomplish low-level (pre-attentive) computer vision tasks in Earth observation multi-sensor multi-spectral imagery.
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A Remote Desktop graphical interface is available for our users when creating their ONDA Virtual Server: just choose the Remote Desktop template, which comes with a series of pre-installed software tools, e.g. SNAP, QGIS, R, Orfeo ToolBox and more.
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Our new version of the Catalogue now also supports Semantic Searches: users are able to perform complex geographical searches from the Catalogue Advanced Search form.
Catalogue – Tutorial
The ONDA Advanced API is a service available free of charge to users who order a Virtual Server
allowing access to low level components of the product through ENS (Elastic Node Server) without the need for a full product download.
While the standard access is to products in a custom ENS format, an additional access point is now available for users to access products in their native format as well.
Advanced API - User Guide
Our Help documentation is constantly being updated.
Check out the new and latest versions of our resources on the User Guides and FAQs pages of our Web Portal.
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