onda newsletter 5

Our MOST service allows users to optimize the performance in accessing ONDA data, reduce costs and improve productivity: it offers an archive as a service solution to request a private storage in the ONDA Archive and link the data, both ONDA baseline data and third party data, to the ONDA applications.

The new ONDA CLEOPE (CLoud Earth Observation Processing Environment) service is an interactive web-based platform of EO products discovery, manipulation and visualisation via Jupyter Notebooks, providing users with an integrated development environment where to create their own applications on the Cloud.

A public paper on the surface deformation analysis project developed by CNR-IREA on the ONDA platform has been published on the peer-reviewed open access journal Remote Sensing.
ONDA CAP monitoring services
The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of Flanders has won the Belgium eGOV awards in the category Innovation thanks to the support provided by the ONDA CAP monitoring service, with a project named “Use of GEO AI for crop detection and automatic interpretation of aerial photos”.

Two projects funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, EOPEN and MOSES, have joined forces with ONDA to implement a use case for the purpose of improving water management strategies. ONDA is used as the Cloud computing platform on which MOSES, having gathered data from EOPEN, runs its calculations on water distribution needs, contributing to the creation of a powerful and flexible virtual computing system.
ONDA will be employed in the context of the H2020 Project CALLISTO – Copernicus Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services and data fusion with other distributed data sources and processing at the edge to support DIAS and HPC infrastructures.
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