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New Remote Desktop interface

An easy-to-use Remote Desktop graphical interface is now available for users of the ONDA Virtual Servers.
The customised template also includes a variety of pre-installed open-source software tools, e.g. SNAP, QGIS, R, etc. You can find the full list on our Tools page.
In order to use our new template:

Choose a Virtual Server with a minimum storage of 200 GB (view our Virtual Servers available solutions)
Select Remote Desktop from the list of our Customised ONDA templates
Follow the “Remote Desktop template - [...]

New release of the ONDA Catalogue, now supporting semantic searches

We have released a new version of the Catalogue, which also supports Semantic Searches: users are now able to perform complex geographical searches from the Catalogue Advanced Search form.
Search the Catalogue: example

Click on the Advanced Search icon
Enter your text query under the newly added Place field – e.g. glaciers in Italy
Select the mission – e.g Sentinel-2 – and any other applicable search criteria
Click the Search button
Visualise the results on the Catalogue map

About the ONDA Catalogue
From the Catalogue, you can [...]

Advanced API: additional access point to products in original format now available

The ONDA Advanced API allows access to low level components of the product through ENS (Elastic Node Server) without the need for a full product download. The service is available free of charge to users who order a Virtual Server.
The standard access is to products in a custom ENS format.
However, an additional access point is now available for users to access products in their native format as well.

More on Advanced API
Advanced API – User Guide

ONDA Newsletter – May

The latest issue of the ONDA newsletter is out.

Read our May 2019 Newsletter
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New applications by our Third Party Users now accessible

Two new applications developed on the ONDA platform are now accessible on our Marketplace:

Sentinel Vision is a platform designed by VisioTerra to produce “Sentinel stories” that use near real-time & archive Sentinel data and are regularly published in a thematic gallery.

The ESA Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype product, developed by the European Space Agency over the southern countries of the ESA member states, uses both Fire channels of the Sentinel-3 SLSTR sensors.

Learn more:

Sentinel Vision on ONDA Marketplace
Sentinel Vision gallery [...]

Harris application on our Marketplace

New addition to the ONDA Marketplace: the Harris Geospatial Solutions application on Demystifying SAR data processing is now available from our Marketplace.
The application serves as an example to show how connecting the ONDA platform to the Harris analytics enables the creation of complex processing chains to extract meaningful information and maps.
This information can then inform domain specific decision making or can be further exploited in subsequent processing chains.
A video tutorial is also available, showing in detail the application usage.
Learn [...]

Sentinel-5P data now available

Our users can now access and download Sentinel-5P data from the ONDA Catalogue.
The Sentinel-5P mission has the main objective of performing atmospheric measurements relating to air quality, climate forcing, ozone and UV radiation.

More on Sentinel-5P
ONDA Catalogue

I.MODI on ONDA Marketplace

A link to the I.MODI (Implemented MOnitoring system for structural DIsplacement) project is now available on the ONDA Marketplace, the section of our web portal where users are able to advertise their own services developed on the ONDA platform.
I.MODI provides Earth observation services for building damage assessment analyses, making use of SAR data archives for back analysis in combination with in-situ data.
The project has been developed on ONDA by Survey Lab, a spinoff of Sapienza University of Rome, who in [...]

ONDA at the Living Planet Symposium 2019

We are pleased to be present at the Living Planet Symposium 2019, which will take place in Milan from 13 to 17 May.
Come and visit the ONDA team at the Serco stand: we will be answering your questions and presenting demos of our platform.
Learn more:

Register to the Living Planet Symposium here (within 30 April)
Living Planet Symposium

Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype on ONDA

The Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype product has been developed by the European Space Agency to provide continuity to the ESA ATSR World Fire Atlas, which produced monthly global fire maps from 1995 to 2012 using the Along Track Scanning Radiometers on-board ERS-2 and then ENVISAT.
The new prototype uses Sentinel-3 SLSTR data, which are processed with the ESA SNAP and GDAL tools on the ONDA platform.
The S3 World Fires Atlas will also soon be available on our ONDA Marketplace.
Learn more:

Access [...]