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ONDA at the Living Planet Symposium 2019

We are pleased to be present at the Living Planet Symposium 2019, which will take place in Milan from 13 to 17 May.
Come and visit the ONDA team at the Serco stand: we will be answering your questions and presenting demos of our platform.
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Register to the Living Planet Symposium here (within 30 April)
Living Planet Symposium

Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype on ONDA

The Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype product has been developed by the European Space Agency to provide continuity to the ESA ATSR World Fire Atlas, which produced monthly global fire maps from 1995 to 2012 using the Along Track Scanning Radiometers on-board ERS-2 and then ENVISAT.
The new prototype uses Sentinel-3 SLSTR data, which are processed with the ESA SNAP and GDAL tools on the ONDA platform.
The S3 World Fires Atlas will also soon be available on our ONDA Marketplace.
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Support to forthcoming Copernicus Hackathons

The Copernicus Hackathon Programme, financed by the European Commission, brings together developers and designers, entrepreneurs and domain experts to develop new applications based on Copernicus Earth observation data and services.
ONDA is supporting 2 of the upcoming events:

for the Galway, Ireland Hackathon on 10-12 May , organised by Public Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC), we provide Virtual Servers and technical support for the participants as well as pre-hackathon webinars on our platform

⇒ More info on Copernicus Hackathon Ireland
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A case study: the FAROS project on ONDA

IPTSAT and Lazio Connect (a Copernicus Relay contributing to spreading awareness and knowledge about Copernicus across and outside the EU) had a first opportunity to test the ONDA Virtual Servers during the Copernicus Hackathon focused on Sustainable Development Goals which took place in Villorba, Italy, on 5-7 October 2018.
IPTSAT then had a further chance to assess the ONDA platform in the frame of our Free Trial Access programme.
They therefore decided to transfer their application permanently on the ONDA Virtual [...]

The WASDI application is fully operational

Further to our recent news release ACROTEC Foundation keeps working with ONDA, we are pleased to inform you that the WASDI service is now fully operational and it has been integrated with 2 processors of CIMA, one of the centres of competence of the Italian Civil Protection Department.
WASDI is the “Web Advanced Space Developer Interface” allowing users to search satellite data, visualise them on line, run algorithms, and display and evaluate the results.
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CIMA Research Foundation
FadeOut Software

The ESB Global Mapping application, developed on ONDA

The Earth Starts Beating Global Mapping application has been developed on the ONDA platform and is available from our Marketplace.
It provides the interactive visualization of global time series of Sentinel-3 data about the variation on the ground of geophysical quantities linked to the health of our Planet – e.g. the chlorophyll content in vegetation, the amount of water vapour, etc.
Check on ESB the full list of the available land maps.
The global mosaics (Level 3) are generated by processing the [...]

ONDA sponsors the FOSS4G 2019 EO Data Challenge

As part of the FOSS4G 2019 Conference taking place in Bucharest on 26-30 August 2019, the EO data challenge is intended to attract the best ideas on using open source software and open data to produce useful solutions for EO data management and processing.
ONDA is happy to sponsor the competition by providing the Virtual Infrastructure and support during the challenge and also by contributing to one of the available prizes with a free access package to our Services.
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ONDA for the S2IGI project

S2IGI (Sistema Satellitare Integrato per la Gestione Incendi) is an Integrated Satellite System for the Management of Fires, financed by Sardinia Region and developed by Nurjana Technologies, CNR-IBIMET and the Aerospace Engineering School of the Sapienza University of Rome (SIA).
S2IGI aims to contribute to the reduction of damages caused by forest fires to the environment and to the economic activities through the development of an informative prototype system that integrates innovative techniques of data elaboration provided from satellite technology - prioritising [...]