ONDA CLEOPE use cases

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ONDA CLEOPE use cases

CLEOPE (CLoud Earth Observation Processing Environment) is the ONDA service dedicated to Earth observation products discovery, manipulation and visualisation via interactive Jupyter Notebooks, supported by Python 3 kernel language.

CLEOPE offers a collection of pre-installed libraries and template notebooks to guide users in performing a series of operations on the Copernicus products available in the ONDA Catalogue.

In particular, users are able to perform basic operations of data processing using the mission specific tutorials.

Some examples of data processing using these CLEOPE templates, and their relevant application fields, are shown below.

The Free account of CLEOPE is available on request to all users. However, should users need a more powerful environment, a Plus account is also available.

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Sea Surface Temperature monitoring

This animation shows the variations in sea surface temperature on the Mediterranean Sea during the month of May 2021. Users can create animated sea surface temperature time series using the CLEOPE CMEMS (Copernicus Marine Service) Trial Notebook functionalities.
Air pollution monitoring

This image, created using the CLEOPE CAMS (Atmosphere Monitoring Service) Trial Notebook, maps the worldwide average distribution of carbon monoxide (CO) in the surface fields during the month of April 2021.

Volcanic activities monitoring

These images, respectively true-color and false-color, show the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, on 18 February 2021. They were created using CLEOPE Sentinel-2 Trial Notebook.

Air quality monitoring

This image was created using the CLEOPE CAMS (Atmosphere Monitoring Service) Trial Notebook functionalities. It shows the spread of Saharan Dust particulate matter (PM10) in the surface fields moving from Africa towards Italy and southern France in February 2021.

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