MOST (Managed ONDA STorage)

The MOST service allows users to benefit from an archive as a service solution to request a private storage in the ONDA Archive (Object Storage and/or Cloud Archive) and link the data, both ONDA baseline data and third party data, to the ONDA applications.

This ONDA service is ideal for those users requiring access to a massive volume of data for their applications, offering customized data access services, processing solutions and optimized storage solutions to maintain the level of performance required.

With the new MOST service, users are able to:

  • select a subset of ONDA data from the ONDA Cloud Archive
  • make it available in the ONDA Object Storage for immediate access, for a defined period
  • benefit from a customized bandwidth to guarantee the performance
  • choose a private access to the selected data
  • upload third party data

In addition, users have the possibility to choose between the following options for the selected datasets:

  • Static – a fixed set of products
  • Dynamic – rolling policies can be applied based on data aging, and new data can be added to datasets from the user’s data sources

Please contact us to know more and to find the best solution for your needs.