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The Politecnico di Torino and ITHACA, a non-profit association founded by Politecnico di Torino, have been using ONDA DIAS since the end of 2018. The ONDA platform is being tested as a solution to integrate and improve different ITHACA’s operational workflows: ONDA advanced APIs have been used to search, process and publish data, including the creation of datasets for the purpose of automatic extraction of information through Deep Learning algorithms.

Following an open tender issued by ESOC for the “Virtualisation of FOS systems under a ‘DIAS-like’ service” and awarded to Serco Germany, ONDA will be employed as Cloud infrastructure.
The two-year contract aims to prove the feasibility of hosting the FOS (Copernicus Flight Operations Segment) mission data systems and satellite telemetry archives in an external Cloud environment.

Further to a series of precursor contracts, in place since March 2019, Serco Italia has qualified through the ESA tender process to become an official Network of Resources (NoR) Service Provider.
Our ONDA services for the provision of Data, Cloud Computing Resources, and Additional Services, including the possibility for users to request very high-resolution data from the Maxar constellation, are now published into the NoR Portal, the online catalogue of NoR Services ready to be activated by the users.

ONDA will be supporting the forthcoming Copernicus Hackathon Sweden (26-28 September 2020), where participants are invited to develop innovative solutions using Copernicus Earth Observation data and services to solve challenges related to Climate Change, Life on Land and COVID-19.
We will be providing pre-Hackathon webinars, Virtual Machines, dedicated support and free access to our services for the winning team.
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