June 2022
Dear Reader
Almost halfway through 2022, we are getting in touch to update you on the latest news from ONDA.
In line with our commitment to play a key role in contributing to the new space economy for the development of value-added geospatial solutions and in fostering the knowledge and access to Earth Observation data to new users as well as increasing its accessibility to non-expert users, Serco Europe, the company leading the ONDA consortium, has signed a series of partnerships with startups facilitators and accelerators.
OVHcloud, the ONDA Cloud provider, has awarded Serco Europe with ‘European Space Partner of the Year’ during the OVHcloud Engage annual event.
This formal recognition shows the strength of a successful collaboration developed over the years, that has allowed ONDA to gradually integrate the full range of technologies made available by OVHcloud, from computing to storage to new Artificial Intelligence solutions into our operational services.
Following the upcoming availability within the OVHcloud catalogue of a new Object Storage solution fully accessible through S3 API, we plan to integrate this new storage technology in ONDA, with the aim to gradually replace the current technologies based on OpenStack and the Cloud Archive.
The latest Copernicus Sentinels Data Access Worldwide Benchmark report for ONDA highlighted that our service offers the most complete collection of Copernicus Sentinels data, with consistently very good overall performances and high rates for service stability, data download performances, cloud resources and collection richness.
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