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Displayed information

The following information is displayed on the Catalogue page:

  • List of all the products available in the Solr database
  • Number of Loaded Products /Count of Products –at the bottom of the Products list
  • Map displayed automatically
  • Toolbox on the right of the page, containing:
    • Map Zoom
    • Languages: on click,a pop-up comes up displaying flags that represent the languages. To select one of these languages, just click on it: the language will change automatically without reloading the website.
    • Layers: it is possible to change the map layer by choosing one of the 3 available layers
    • List of shapes: by clicking on any of these shapes, it is possible to draw on the map a shape that executes a geographical search, displaying the results in the main list of products on the left column
    • Edit shapes: this function allows the possibility to edit the shapes drawn on the map