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CLEOPE features

Registered users’ hardware default features are:

20 GB 2 GB 2

Please note that the CLEOPE free account has a limited amount of resources available, thus some notebooks potentialities may be prevented.


  • Disk limit – when the threshold is exceeded an error message is printed out on screen, by both:
    • command line:

cp:error writing ‘file’: Disk quota exceeded

    • GUI:

  • RAM limit – If users use more than the allowed amount of RAM, their Notebook kernel will restart and a pop-up message is displayed:


No other actions are allowed on the Notebook in this case. Please note that shutting down the unused Notebooks is supplemental to helping with memory errors.

  • CPU limit specifies the total CPU cores that each user can use within CLEOPE workspace. If the CPU limit is exceeded, computations may become very slow.