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ORDER Trial Notebook

This Trial Notebook provides the possibility to order via Jupyter Notebook a product stored on the ONDA Cloud Archive. Archived products, in fact, are not available to ENS browsing nor downloading via the ONDA Catalogue as they are tagged as archived. Ordering requests will retrieve archived data making them temporarily available for users to download.

Users can set the product name as argument of the ordering function provided in the ORDER.ipynb trial notebook, making use of the ONDA OData API. A progress bar is displayed showing the time left, with a nominal timeout of 20 minutes. Please note that the reported waiting time should be intended only as an indication, which does not take into account the actual load of the service. In some cases orders may take up more than 20 minutes to be completed and therefore it is necessary to periodically check the status of the order, retrying the ordering request later on.

Product restoration is automatically performed also if users call the download function on an archived product, to store products in their own CLEOPE workspace.