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SEARCH Trial Notebook

This Trial Notebook allows the geographical search of ONDA EO data offer by simulating a small ONDA Catalogue via Jupyter Notebook. The geographical search works with few simple steps:

  1. Select an area of interest on a map drawing a rectangle, a polygon or a polyline. The selected geo-coordinates are saved in a .json file
  2. (optional) Select mission, product type and sensing range filters. Please note that in case many results are expected, the performance can be impacted, so it is strongly recommended to set filters on
  3. Visualize products footprint layers on the map
  4. (optional) Save a batch of selected products in a dedicated text file located by default into the outputs
    This product list can be optionally converted into a ENS-compliant product list (Discover ENS) or users can choose to download products via Jupyter Notebook within their own CLEOPE workspace (How to download products).