ESA Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype


European Space Agency

The Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype product has been developed by the European Space Agency to provide continuity to the ESA ATSR World Fire Atlas, which produced monthly global fire maps from 1995 to 2012 using the Along Track Scanning Radiometers on-board ERS-2 and then ENVISAT.

This new prototype uses Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B SLSTR Level1b data, which contain two dedicated channels (F1 and F2) for fire and high temperature events. The algorithm is based on the Wooster et al., 2012 algorithm adapted to NRT processing constraints.
Data are processed on the ONDA platform using the ESA SNAP and GDAL tools.

The Sentinel-3 World Fires Atlas Prototype covers the southern countries of the ESA member states (Latitude from 34°N to 60°N; Longitude from 12°W to 31°E). ESA intends to process systematically all acquired Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B data from April 2019 onward over this region and operate the prototype service up to the end of summer.

Feedback from users are welcome in order to improve the prototype product by email to:


ONDA Data used

  • Sentinel-3A & Sentinel-3B SLSTR Level1b