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The Elastic Node Server (ENS) is an Open Source software providing a simple and scalable front-end to one or more Data Storages for use with client Computing Instances.

The Elastic Node Server (ENS) extends traditional File or Object Storages by exposing not only standard Directories and Files but breaking them down further in a logical tree of Nodes up to the tiniest piece of information.

This is thus thought to allow efficient access to portions of products. This is however not intended as a tool for full product transfer, or for batch download of products; for those use cases, Catalogue Open Data Protocol (OData API) is the best option as specifically designed for the purpose.

The dedicated ENS access point exposes products in their native, unchanged format, in order to use legacy tools, e.g. SNAP, to directly access and process them. The usage of the ENS Performance Meter (EPM) Tool, available to ONDA users to measure ENS performances, is also described. Note: some of the products available in the ONDA Catalogue are stored in our ONDA Archive service. Those products are visible in the ONDA Catalogue but, to access them through ENS, users must first order them on the Catalogue or through OData API.
Please note that ENS is Linux-based and Windows operating system is currently not supported.
More details can be found on ONDA Catalogue –Tutorial and on the Catalogue Open Data Protocol (OData API)–User Guide.