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Path to products

ONDA DIAS archive contains millions of products. It cannot be possible to display the entire list of products to the end user via ENS interface into a unique directory.
The solution is to spread products into directories hierarchy based on the anticipated usages of the end-users:

  • Multi-temporal usage,
  • Image processing
  • Meteorological processing

At the ingestion time, ENS extracts a set of metadata from products. These metadata are used to organise the ENS directory tree.

The hierarchy tries to define some systematic mechanisms. A “What/When/Where” organisation has been defined, where the first set of directories and sub directories concern what kind of data is exposed, the second set of sub directories regard when data are acquired and the last set matches where data are located.
Each level is optional, but the order is always abided by the system.

The names of the metadata defined here are compliant with the OGC/HMA standardised naming conventions.

All the “pseudo-paths” are described per product type on Gael System website:

The pseudo-path for the land & marine Copernicus Services are the following :
productMainClass/title (+WHEN optional)
The title will depend on the product.