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Default directory tree

Shared resources

The Trials folder collects CLEOPE Notebooks set, while the local_files folder is the default destination folder of products downloaded via Jupyter Notebooks.

The Trials/modules folder collects the main libraries related to the set of template Notebooks provided within CLEOPE workspace.

    1. Modules aimed at data access are:
      • py and, which are specific scripts interfaced with the geographical research of products via Jupyter Notebook
      • py, which is a module dedicated to the product search, order and download via Jupyter Notebook


  1. Modules dedicated to EO data processing are scripts called in the mission dedicated Notebook:
    • py, and are named after the mission they are dedicated to – Copernicus Atmosphere, Copernicus Land and Copernicus Marine, respectively
    • data_processing_*.py are named after the Sentinel mission of reference

All the other folders into the Trials main directory collect the CLEOPE Jupyter Notebooks suite.

Users can call the Python built-in methods to show help on CLEOPE functions, via:

  • help(<module-name>) to display all the functions collected into each module;
  • <module-name>.<function-name>.__doc__ to display help on one single function of the module.