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Via OData API (using the Catalogue Open Data Protocol API)

  1. In order to download a product stored on the Cloud Archive, users must first order the product by using an Order action to request the product (offline=true).
    The url looks like the following:

where Id needs to be replaced by the ID number by which each product is identified.

It is mandatory to use HTTP POST to use this action.

Note: you will be asked for your ONDA User Portal Username and Password to order the product from the Cloud Archive.

  1. When this action is triggered, the product is requested from the Archive. An indication of when the product restore will be completed is also returned to the user: data recovery time is 10 minutes.
    Once the product is restored, its status will be offline=false and it will be available to all users for direct download, through the usual download request, for 24 hours after the user request.

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