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As the end of the year approaches, we are getting in touch to update you on our exciting plans for 2022 and look back at some of our achievements in 2021.
  • Serco and OVHcloud, the ONDA Cloud provider, have announced their partnership in space imagery and Artificial Intelligence, and are now evolving ONDA to develop a new ecosystem in support of Big Data exploitation.
  • We have been working to enlarge the volume of data immediately accessible online, and over 2022 we will further enlarge this volume to include specific datasets that provide access to long-term series of data.
  • We will also provide new PaaS Services, including access to the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, Smart storage solutions, New Kubernetes as a service to support our users to develop commercial applications and a new version of the ONDA ENS API.
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ONDA took part in a number of major space-related events in 2021, including the Space Resources Week, Big Data from Space 2021 (proceedings here), the European Space Forum 2021, Space Tech Expo 2021, the OVHcloud Ecosystem Experience.
In particular, during the ESA Φ-Week, besides an e-poster, we co-organised a Hackathon together with OVHcloud (details, winning teams).

ONDA contributes to a variety of European Commission Horizon 2020 projects, namely:
  • 7SHIELD – The ONDA platform is one of the installations of ground segments of space systems in which the 7SHIELD project is evaluated and demonstrated, and will contribute to co-designing the technological solution.
  • CALLISTO – ONDA is employed to index Earth Observation data with heterogeneous data sources (Galileo signals, drones videos, in-situ remote sensing sensors, social media & web data) to provide, through Artificial Intelligence techniques, a Big Data platform for non-expert users.
  • RapidAI4EO – A demo will be deployed for the project validation on the ONDA platform
  • EOPEN – The EOPEN project, ended successfully in October 2020, exploits ONDA for Sentinel data access. Visit the EOPEN page on the ONDA Showcase.
  • CLEOPE– to browse and order data using the ONDA APIs, manipulate and visualise Copernicus data using Jupyter Notebooks.
    A Free and a Plus version are available.
    Check out also some ONDA CLEOPE Use Cases
  • MOST – to store data on the ONDA archive through customixed data access system and optimized storage solutions
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