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DISCOVER_ONDA Trial Notebook

This Notebook is an easy introduction to the use of ENS and to the product download via Jupyter Notebooks. Both methods allow users to access the online ONDA data offer.

Discover ENS

Within CLEOPE a dedicated ENS access point exposes products in their native format so that they are accessible to users, who can process them without any previous download. The Trial Notebook finds a product in the remote file system, if:

  • the single product name is given, or
  • a list of product names stored in a .txt file is given.

The remote position (i.e. pseudopath) of products is saved into a temporary file into the resources folder.

A warning message is raised if any of the input products show the offline status set to True, meaning that the product is not still available to ENS browsing.

In this case ORDER.ipynb ready-to-use Notebook is suited for ordering archived products.

How to download products

Alternatively to ENS, users can call the download function to perform a download of products via their own Jupyter Notebook directly in CLEOPE workspace.  The function is written in the script, which can be called anywhere in users own workspace as long as its path is imported:

import os, sys


import qm,”onda_username”,”onda_password”)

where the product field is the requested item. Users need to specify their ONDA User Portal username and password and the product name they are interested in, including its native format (i.e. zip, netCDF).

Similarly, users can download products recursively from a custom list given as input of the download_list function:

import os, sys


import qm


Also in this case the native file format of products in the list must be specified explicitly.