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S1 Trial Notebook

Sentinel-1 Trial Notebook is a useful introduction to Sentinel-1 data processing aimed at detecting changes in the environment via the backscattering differences. Particular focus is given to:

  • the visualisation of the built-up area extended near Wuhan, where a new hospital has been built in 10 days during the COVID-19 emergency
  • ships detection near Trieste (Italy) harbour

To this aim, the S1 L1 Ground Range Detected (GRD) products are used, with high resolution (H) and with different sensing dates. Images are clipped over custom-selected coordinates and plot out on screen side-by-side, normalised over the backscattering coefficient colour in order to allow users to easily detect changes in the images.
S1 dataframes are customisable according to users’ choices, as for the coordinates needed to clip data. In the default CLEOPE workspace the sample list of example products is provided, but some of these products could be offline and must be ordered first.