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S2 Trial Notebook

The Sentinel-2 Trial Notebook is a useful introduction to Sentinel-2 products tile processing.
The module data_processing_S2_affine unpacks raster data and performs a coordinates re-projection to allow optional clips on the image. Examples are based on popular RGB compositions

(true colour, false colour IR and false colour NIR) and on index computations.

In particular, this Notebook shows the computation of:

  • the Normalised Burnt Index, on the Australian areas hit by fires during December 2019
  • the Normalised Difference Snow Index which is shown on a glacier in Sierra Nevada
  • the Normalised Difference Water Index aimed at detecting floating plastic in the sea

Optionally, users can compute other indexes via the combination of bands and ratio functions provided in the suite, given an input resolution. All Sentinel-2 bands are at users’ disposal to this aim.

The generated plots are geo-referenced through the extraction of coordinates from raster data.

The dataframe of S2 tiles is customisable according to users’ choices.

In the default CLEOPE workspace a sample list of products is provided on the examples detailed above.