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S5P Trial Notebook

The Sentinel-5P Trial Notebook is an introduction about the composition of stacked frames of TROPOMI L2 variables CH4, NO2, O3, HCHO, SO2 and CO in a geo-referenced plot. Input data sets can be cut by taking the input vertexes.
Sentinel-5P tutorial is developed into two case studies taken under analysis.

  1. The carbon monoxide (CO) variation over western Australia, hit by several fire episodes during December 2019 and January 2020
  2. The nitrogen dioxide (NO2) overall decline over Italy due to the lockdown emergency of COVID-19 during February/March 2020
  3. The sulfuric dioxide (SO2) transient concentration over the Anak Krakatoa volcano (Indonesia), which awoke on 12/04/2020.

The dataframe of S5P dataframes is customisable according to users’ choices. In the default CLEOPE workspace a sample list of products is provided, suited on the case studies described above. Some of these products could be offline and must be ordered first.