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How to Manage your Profile

The link to your Profile information is found on a button placed on the top right-end corner of the ONDA User Portal and it is displayed in the format “Firstname Lastname”.

By clicking on the button, you can open a drop-down menu and choose the following options:

Edit Profile

Please note that the Edit Profile link is only visible after the user clicks on either the Personal Support Area or the Virtual Infrastructure Area.

  • Opening Edit Profile, you can Edit your Name and Surname and set your address, country, Fax number and phone numbers.
  • click the Save A pop-up window will confirm the successful update.

Note: once you have created an ONDA account with a given email address, this cannot be changed at a later stage.

Log out

Use this link to Log out from the ONDA User Portal.

Password Change

If you wish to change your password, please reset it by following the steps in  Forgotten password.