Copernicus Assisted Lake Water Quality Emergency Monitoring Service



The “Water Quality emergency Monitoring Service” (WQeMS) platform is ready to be launched. It is the outcome of the European H2020 WQeMS Project, whose activities have been completed in June 2023.

The WQeMS platform has been developed on ONDA cloud machines, and exploits the ONDA DIAS infrastructure for accessing Copernicus products, as well as other DIAS used in some already existing service elements, which have been adapted to the WQeMS platform.

Below is a picture of the Service Concept:



Extensive information on WQeMS services is available on the H2020 WQeMS Project website, where a link to the WQeMS Platform and an introductory tour (video) are provided; in particular, the WQeMS Map and Data Navigator Tool allows for product map browsing and metadata information perusal. The service offer is described at WQeMS | Services. Prices will be available by October 2023.

ONDA Data used

  • Sentinel 1
  • Sentinel 2

Third Party data