Launch of our New User Portal

As part of our continuous effort to provide our users with the best possible service, ONDA is pleased to announce the launch of our New User Portal.
The new platform will improve the service we offer to our customers by increasing usability and ease of access to information.
Access to the ONDA User Portal is available on all pages of the ONDA Web Portal through the LOGIN link.
Users need to register on the ONDA User portal in order to:

Download products from [...]

ONDA User Portal Maintenance

Maintenance activities are scheduled on Thursday 24 September 2020 from 10:00 until 14:00 CEST.
During this maintenance window, the following functions may be unavailable from time to time:

Download and Order from the ONDA Catalogue
Login and Register to the ONDA User Portal

Users who have bought Cloud resources can access them nominally.

ONDA for Copernicus Hackathon Málaga

The Copernicus Hackathon Málaga, taking place virtually from 18 September to 2 October, focuses on developing solutions that make use of Copernicus data for a series of themes linked to green cities, tourism sustainability, the economy of the Mediterranean region and tackling COVID-19.
We are proud to be part of this initiative by providing our support with:

the provision of ONDA Virtual Machines to the participants and organisers, with direct access to our multi-petabyte data Catalogue
a webinar introducing the ONDA platform
scientific [...]

In support of the forthcoming Copernicus Hackathon Vienna 2020

The Copernicus Hackathon Vienna 2020 is looking for individuals and start-ups who want to develop a prototype that tackles COVID-19 using Earth observation data and services.
ONDA is very happy to support this event by providing:

Virtual Machines for all participating teams
Scientific and troubleshooting support during the Hackathon
Free access to a standard package of ONDA services for the winning team

The virtual 5-day Hackathon will take place on 21-25 September, and the final event will be on 28 September.

Learn more here.Registrations are [...]

ONDA is now an official Network of Resources (NoR) Service Provider

We are pleased to announce that ONDA DIAS has been selected, through the ESA tender process, to become part of the NoR Services offer: our ONDA services for the provision of Data, Cloud Computing Resources, and Additional Services, including the possibility for users to request very high-resolution data, are now listed on the NoR Portal.
The Network of Resources (NoR) is an ESA initiative which intends to incentivise contributions to a common framework and harmonise service offerings to users. Combining [...]

ONDA supporting Copernicus Hackathon Sweden 2020

As part of the ONDA sponsorship activities, we are supporting the forthcoming Copernicus Hackathon Sweden 2020, where participants are invited to develop innovative solutions using Copernicus Earth Observation data and services to solve challenges related to Climate Change, Life on Land and COVID-19.
ONDA will be providing:

2 pre-Hackathon webinars introducing ONDA and demonstrating how to process Copernicus data on the ONDA platform for Water Body & Water Quality Mapping and for Urban Area Mapping
Virtual Machines for all participants for a month, equipped with Remote Desktop and [...]

Politecnico di Torino using ONDA for multiple initiatives

The Politecnico di Torino and ITHACA, a non-profit association founded by Politecnico di Torino, have been using ONDA DIAS since the end of 2018. The ONDA platform is being tested as a solution to integrate and improve different ITHACA's operational workflows: ONDA advanced APIs have been used to search, process and publish data, including the creation of datasets for the purpose of automatic extraction of information through Deep Learning algorithms.
This testing phase has laid the foundation for the ongoing discussions on the [...]

ONDA to provide Cloud infrastructure for ESOC FOS systems

We are pleased to announce that, following an open tender issued by ESOC for the “Virtualisation of FOS systems under a ‘DIAS-like’ service” and awarded to Serco Germany, ONDA will be employed as Cloud infrastructure.
The two-year contract aims to prove the feasibility of hosting the FOS (Copernicus Flight Operations Segment) mission data systems and satellite telemetry archives in an external Cloud environment.
The winning proposal is based on a consortium made up by Serco Germany as prime contractor, with Serco [...]

Access to Advanced API (ENS) in Legacy mode only

Further to our previous communication on the Access to Advanced API exclusively in Legacy mode, we confirm that as from today, 16 June 2020, access to products through the Advanced API (ENS - Elastic Node Server) is only available in the “Legacy mode”,  that is accessing data in their original product format.
 The possibility to access to products in the custom ENS format has therefore been disabled.

Instructions on how to access the Advanced API (ENS) filesystem can be found here

For [...]

7SHIELD project using ONDA platform

The 7SHIELD project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, addresses the Safety and Security Standards of Space Systems, ground Segments and Satellite data assets.
The project aims at providing a holistic framework enabling the deployment of innovative services for cyber-physical protection of ground segments, such as e-fences, passive radars and laser technologies, multimedia AI technologies, cyber-attack detection mechanisms and cyber and physical Threat Intelligence.
Dealing with the various aspects of whole lifecycle of [...]