ONDA in support of the MAFIS project by GMATICS

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ONDA in support of the MAFIS project by GMATICS

GMATICS is a Rome based start-up that develops and operates systematic geospatial application services exploiting Earth observation data, integrated with other types of information, and using Artificial Intelligence and cloud services.

Within the MAFIS (Multiple Actor Forest Information Service) project – funded by ESA (European Space Agency) through the EOEP-5 initiative –, GMATICS is developing an integrated methodology that combines multi-temporal Earth observation satellite data as well as weather satellite data within a forest growth model.

MAFIS’ aim is to provide regular and reliable information about forest status and consistency in support of forest sustainable management both for industrial and institutional customers.

The main outputs of MAFIS are the forest classification layer, the forest disturbances layer and estimates of forest biomass. In particular, SAR data plus 3 Artificial Intelligence techniques will contribute to expand MAFIS capabilities to the detection of selective cutting activities on coniferous forests.

After the development and validation of the innovative algorithms, the scalability of the MAFIS workflow will be tested all over Italy and over another European country, to be selected by pilot customers.

The ONDA DIAS infrastructure will support such upscaling phase through the Free Trial Access programme and, later on, will enable the final tuning of the operational service.

The MAFIS team, led by GMATICS, also includes the University of Molise, GEO-K and RDM Progetti.

Find out more on MAFIS webpage and GMATICS website.


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