Virtual Servers

Choose your solution

We offer several options to meet different needs, from entry level machines, to high performance platforms, to processing clusters,
based on the operating system of your choice - Linux or Windows.

  • General purpose Virtual Servers
    with balanced CPU
    and memory resources.
    Ideal for entry level or generic computing requirements.
  • High frequency CPU Virtual Servers
    for powering your computational work.
    Ideal for large data processing.
  • Memory optimised Virtual Servers
    for fast processing.
    Ideal for distributed parallel computing requirements.

  • Our most powerful public Cloud instances,
    up to 1,000 times faster than the Computing
    Intensive ones for parallel processing
  • Small instances at a low cost
    with shared resources, perfect for test,
    development and
    sandbox environments

  • Ultra-fast IOPS, with NVMe drives specially designed
    for databases and big data applications

Add storage to
your instance
  • You can attach storage volumes
    to your Virtual Server
    with sizes
    from 10GB to 2TB.
Solution Model RAM Processor Storage Bandwidth Price from
wdt_ID Solution Model RAM Processor Storage Bandwidth Price from
1 General Purpose b2-120 120 32 400 GB SSD 10.000 325,00
2 General Purpose b2-15 15 4 100 GB SSD 250 42,00
3 General Purpose b2-30 30 8 200 GB SSD 500 85,00
4 General Purpose b2-60 60 16 400 GB SSD 1.000 165,00
5 General Purpose b2-7 7 2 50 GB SSD 250 22,00
6 Computing Intensive c2-120 120 32 400 GB SSD 10.000 485,00
7 Computing Intensive c2-15 15 4 100 GB SSD 250 62,00
8 Computing Intensive c2-30 30 8 200 GB SSD 500 125,00
9 Computing Intensive c2-60 60 16 400 GB SSD 1.000 245,00
10 Computing Intensive c2-7 7 2 50 GB SSD 250 32,00

Storage Volumes

Classic Volume
  • €0,04 ex. VAT/month per GB
Hight Speed Volume
  • €0,08 ex. VAT/month per GB

  • €0,01 ex. VAT/month per GB


Our Cloud resources are protected by security solutions such as the anti-DDos service.
Operations are designed to be security compliant with ISO/IEC 27000 and Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.

Add features to your solution

Extend the capabilities of your Virtual Server
with additional features.

Add pre-configured templates to your Virtual Server
Benefit from an innovative interface allowing you to only extract the product information you need
Add engineering support services if you want to build your own applications