An overview of the ONDA Public Dashboard as of today:
  • Our Catalogue now has more than 20 PB of products volume, corresponding to over 24 million products, all physically stored on ONDA
  • More than 300 active Virtual Machines
  • Over 1000 registered users
After contributing to a series of events in the past few weeks – 48th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services, Space Week 2019, SAR Analytics Symposium, GEO Week 2019 – we are looking forward to participate in:
  • European Space Week, 3-5 December in Helsinki
    ONDA will be also sponsoring the Creating a European Emergency App Hackathon during the event, by providing access to a standard package of our Cloud platform to the winners.
  • New Space Economy ExpoForum, 10-12 December in Rome
    Come and meet us at the Serco stand!
Further to our previous experiences, we are again sponsoring a few forthcoming Copernicus Hackathons, the events where teams work on developing prototypes of new applications using the open data from the Copernicus programme.
  • For the Sustainable Development Goals Copernicus Hackathon (Brussels, 20-21 November) we have already provided an introductory pre-event webinar, and will be contributing to the available prizes by offering free accessto a standard package of ONDA services for 3 months.

  • For the Climate Change Hackathon (Vicenza, Italia, 14-16 February 2020) we will be providing a pre-hackathon seminar on our platform, and also a free access to ONDA for the winning team.
When accessing our User Guides and step-by-step Tutorials, our users can now benefit from an easier navigation through the various documents – now all online – and are also able to search for specific terms and jump immediately to the relevant guide sections.
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