Agricolus platform: “Imagery” feature

Agricolus is an innovative startup that has developed a Farm Management System platform composed of several applications: forecast models, Decision Support System, smart pest and diseases control, remote sensing.

Remote sensing is one of the pillars of the Agricolus platform and the reason why Agricolus decided to use ONDA, in particular for Sentinel-2 data. The advantages are many: speed in acquiring data; availability of different satellite constellations’ data that allow a future implementation of new indices; higher spatial resolution.

Agricolus uses ONDA for the “Imagery” feature, developed with their partner Harris Geospatial, in order to process satellite images and produce vegetation indices. The satellite used is Sentinel-2, which provides multispectral images every 5 days at a distance of 10 metres.
Thanks to this service, the Agricolus platform provides vegetation indices such as vigour (NDVI, WDRVI, GNDVI, LAI, SAVI), water stress (NDMI and NMDI) and chlorophyll (TCARI/OSAVI), which allow farmers to assess crops development and health, and also identify areas with water requirements or problematic areas with chlorosis.

  • ONDA Third Party Service Public Link: Agricolus

ONDA Data used

  • Sentinel-2