Earth surface deformation

Parallel processing chain implementing advanced interferometric techniques able to measure the Earth surface deformation and its temporal evolution with centimeter to millimeter accuracy, starting from satellite radar data. Typical output products are the mean deformation velocity map evaluated over the area of interest and the time series of the ground displacement.


ONDA Data used

  • Sentinel-1 data IWS SLC images between March 2015 and March 2017 acquired over the Napoli bay area)
  • Access to COSMOSkyMed dataset over a specific ROI (data between 2010 – 2018 acquired over the city of Rome)

Third Party data

  • COSMOSkyMed dataset: integrated as ONDA private collection, restricted access to eligible Italian Users
  • Owner: ASI (Italian Space Agency)
  • Point Of Contact: Laura Candela