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The ONDA Early Adopter Programme

Our Early Adopter Programme has been set up to collect feedback from early users of ONDA.
If you are interested in getting free access to our standard package of Services for a period of 3 months, getting assistance with the Services implementation, being able to deploy your own application and then publish it on the ONDA Marketplace so that it is visible to all users, please Contact Us

Read more on the ONDA Early Adopter Programme
Visit our Marketplace section and browse through the applications already developed on the ONDA platform by the first Early Adopters
Coming soon

ONDA for Education

Our educational programme, which includes ad-hoc webinars & lectures and Cloud Resources packages, will be launched soon.

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Web experience

Multi-lingual content on the ONDA Web Portal

Our Web Portal, launched in Italian and German besides English, has been upgraded to include also the Spanish and French versions.
Select the flag from the header bar and browse through our Homepage and the Data, Services and About sections in your language.

ONDA Web Portal

ONDA User Support

According to the type of information they seek, users can benefit from a variety of online help tools:
  • User Guides – downloadable technical manuals
  • Tutorials – step-by-step instructions
  • FAQs – list of common questions regarding ONDA, both general and specific, organised in categories and easy to scan
  • Glossary – alphabetical list of frequently used acronyms mentioned throughout the ONDA web portal, and their definitions
  • Service Desk – get in contact with our support teams by filling in the Contact Us form or by opening a ticket after having registered to our ONDA User Portal
In depth

Advanced API

Our Advanced API service allows you to easily access any low level component of the product through ENS (Elastic Node Server) without the need for a full download.
    The ENS is an Open Source software providing a simple and scalable front-end to one or more Data Storages for use with client Computing Instances. It extends traditional File or Object Storages by exposing not only standard Directories and Files, but breaking them down further in a logical tree of Nodes up to the tiniest piece of information.
    The Advanced API service is free of charge for users who order a Virtual Server.
    However, because the free version of the ENS is supported by a shared bandwidth for the access to the ONDA storage, if you need an increased bandwidth with a more efficient throughput, please Contact Us to learn more about this option.
    The default ENS can be mounted on the ONDA Virtual Server, as explained in the Advanced API User Guide (pdf).
    More on Advanced API
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