What is ONDA?

ONDA is a platform enabling users to host data and to build their applications in the Cloud.

We achieve this by fostering the exploitation of the freely available Earth Observation satellites Data and geospatial Information and by providing Access to Services for the development of new solutions.


In order to facilitate the use of Earth Observation satellite data and geospatial information, ONDA provides the added values of:

  • full availability of all Copernicus data
  • customisable solutions for diverse requirements and levels of expertise
  • innovative data access technology allowing users to easily extract only the needed product information

We do this by offering free solutions to all users for easily accessing, downloading and processing a wealth of data and information as well as fee-based services that benefit from the performance of our Cloud environment.

Who is ONDA for?

ONDA exists to support users at various levels of expertise in exploiting geospatial data for a wide range of diverse purposes:

  • individuals, students and researchers who are interested in Earth Observation, with little or no knowledge of Remote Sensing or Copernicus products, and want to learn about the potential of geospatial data and how to access it
  • professionals and start-ups who want to use and integrate Earth Observation data into daily practices
  • SMEs and research companies investigating new means to expand the market
  • Space Enterprises and service providers who want to build advanced operational chains using our Cloud solution
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Benefits of ONDA


We provide open and free access to a huge volume of geospatial products and information


With only few simple steps users are able to access data and services and predict the costs


We offer custom solutions to cater for all users’ needs



Our users get all requested resources with optimised and consistent performance through the native scalability and elasticity solutions of the Cloud


All data, information, applications and transactions are securely protected

Fast to market

Our OVH market leading Cloud solutions and pricing are combined with the cutting edge technologies of our custom services

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Operational News

Access to Advanced API (ENS) in Legacy mode only

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OpenStack API Update postponed

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