The new ONDA Data Relay Service, active since mid-August, allows users to request Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery of both SAR and Optical multi-resolution acquisitions, and order both Archive and New Acquisition images over specific study areas.

Data from the following missions are now available, and more will be added soon:
Our users are now able to refine analysis at a local scale in support to several Remote Sensing applications, such as mapping, agriculture, disaster management and more.
  • Get started and request Very High Resolution data here.

  • We have recently attended the of “Eyes on Earth” Roadshows in Rotterdam on 24-25 September, organised to demonstrate how the Copernicus satellite programme helps us better understand our planet and creates jobs and business opportunities. Read more
In the next few weeks ONDA will participate in:
  • The Earth Starts Beating application, developed on the ONDA platform, is constantly updated with new releases as long as the most recent products are added.
  • Check out who the ONDA users are on the Showcase section of our web portal
  • The ONDA eco-friendly Cloud provider, OVH, have been working to reduce the energy consumption of the data centres thanks to the in-house development of exclusive cooling systems. Read more
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