IREA, the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment of the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy, has already been using the ONDA platform as an Early Adopter for the development of surface deformation products.

They have now selected our DIAS platform for large scale InSAR data processing.
  • Watch an example of the products processed by IREA showing results related to the generated mean deformation velocity maps here


ACROTEC Technology Foundation, together with FadeOut Software, has chosen to continue using the ONDA services for the evolution of their WASDI project, developed as part of our Early Adopters programme.
The application aims at developing an infrastructure allowing experts and end-users to perform, on the cloud, all the steps of Earth Observation data and images treatment using big data technologies.
  • Access the WASDI platform on the ONDA Marketplace here

Copernicus Accelerator

The Copernicus Accelerator offers a development scheme for 50 start-ups with innovative ideas that involve the use Copernicus data or services.
Within the scope of this initiative, through the DIAS Voucher Scheme, Mentees will be able to get access to the ONDA Services for the development of their projects.

Copernicus Hackathons

After having sponsored 2 of the selected Copernicus Hackathons in 2018, ONDA will now be supporting KIM (Knowledge Innovation Market) and Lazio Innova by providing our Services during their forthcoming Hackathons in late spring.
More details will be shared soon.


EOPEN’s objective is to provide a platform - targeted at non-expert Earth Observation data users as well as experts and the SME community - that makes Copernicus data and services easy to use for Big Data applications.

In order to fuse data from diverse sources and manage a highly heterogeneous content (e.g. visual, textual or spatiotemporal), EOPEN will use, among others, the ONDA Cloud infrastructure and high performance computing for the project value chain validation.


Survey Lab has chosen ONDA to support the I.MODI (Implemented MOnitoring system for structural DIsplacement) project, which provides an innovative range of Earth Observation services for monitoring long-term ground settlements and support building damage assessment analyses.
I.MODI makes use of EO data archives for back-analysis, also in combination with in-situ systems and data from operational EO missions.

The View service

The ONDA View service allows users to visualise supported data directly on the world map through a standard Web Map Service (WMS) providing the representation of data in the form of a digital image file.
Users are able to:
  1. access the list of available WMS layers through standard OGC API GetCapabilities
  2. access specific maps through standard OGC API GetMap
  3. visualise the image in the geographical context on the ONDA Catalogue by selecting a layer of a single product
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