Planned update on ONDA Cloud Archive

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Planned update on ONDA Cloud Archive

In our constant effort to increase the volume of ONDA datasets stored on our infrastructure, we regularly review user access to data products.

As a result of our analysis, we wish to inform you that, in addition to the datasets currently stored on the ONDA Cloud Archive (Sentinel-1 / -2 / -3 products older than 3 months, except for Sentinel-1 SLC data), starting from 20 February 2020 we will be moving a subset of the Sentinel-1 SLC products into the Cloud Archive.

We would like to remind our users that all products stored on the ONDA Cloud Archive are visible on the ONDA Catalogue and are accessible through the Catalogue and the OData API.

More details on the ONDA Cloud Archive can be found here, along with instructions on how to access data stored on the Archive.

The affected dataset is the following:

Sentinel-1 SLC products outside Europe with sensing date older than 3 months

Please note that the Europe area is defined as follows:

  • latitude between 34° N and 60° N
  • longitude between -11° E and 33° E

All Sentinel-1 SLC products over Europe will remain on the ONDA Object Storage.

Please see About the ONDA Cloud Archive for the latest status.

For any further clarification, please Contact Us.

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