SI Imaging Services (SIIS) partnership for the new ONDA Data Relay Service

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SI Imaging Services (SIIS) partnership for the new ONDA Data Relay Service

ONDA is pleased to announce a new partnership with SI Imaging Services (SIIS), leading Earth Observation data provider, for the dissemination of very high resolution Optical and SAR images.

SIIS is the exclusive worldwide marketing and sales representative of the KOMPSAT series: KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A and KOMPSAT-5. A significant up-to-40 cm imagery source that is supporting diverse users in several Remote Sensing applications, such as mapping, agriculture, disaster management and more.

This new partnership marks the beginning of the new ONDA Data Relay Service, which will bring very high resolution satellite imagery to users’ fingertips, by providing a one-stop access point for both SAR and Optical multi-resolution acquisitions.

The ONDA Community will be able to request both on-demand Archive and New Acquisition satellite images over specific study areas, trigger satellite monitoring services over features of interest at a desired frequency, and produce more detailed value-added information products.

ONDA already provides free access to one of the largest archives ever built for geospatial data and information, which includes all the Copernicus Sentinel Missions, Copernicus Services products, and additional missions like Landsat-8 and Envisat.

The ONDA Data Relay Service arises from the increasing need to refine analysis at a local scale and to rely on high frequency satellite monitoring services based on multi-sensor sources.

Together with the ONDA co-located, reliable and scalable Cloud Resources suitable for any analysis scenario, the new Data Relay Service contributes to establish ONDA as the leading platform for end-to-end implementation of Remote Sensing-based services.

More information about the service will be published in the next few weeks.

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