Further to our new partnership with SI Imaging Services (SIIS) – leading Earth Observation data provider – for the dissemination of very high resolution Optical and SAR images (up to 40 cm), the forthcoming ONDA Data Relay Service will allow users to request KOMPSAT satellite images (new and archived) over specific study areas.

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Our new tool to visualise tracks and planned acquisitions for Sentinel-1 over a world map.

Users are able to perform queries either on the global map or for a specific area and also to download the query results.

An improved view of the ONDA public statistics, including details on data percentages by mission and product types, is now available.

A subset of the oldest ONDA public datasets will be gradually moved on the ONDA long-term Archive service, based on OVH Cloud Archive technology.

The impact on ONDA users will be limited: stored products will be visible on the ONDA Catalogue and will be accessible by all users through the ONDA Catalogue and the OData API, but with a different latency.

Our Services are compliant with the INSPIRE Directive, aimed to create a European Union spatial data infrastructure for the purpose of enabling and facilitating the sharing of environmental spatial information.

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