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How to create ONDA OData queries

Below the rules are described for constructing URIs allowing access to data Entities and Properties listed in ONDA Entity Types.

The general scheme summarizing the URI components is depicted in Figure 2.

Figure 2 – URI components scheme


A URI used by an OData service has up to three significant parts:

  • The service root (Scheme+Host:Port+ServiceRoot);
  • The resource path;
  • The query string options.

For Example:

The service root URI identifies the root of an Odata service. For the ONDA Odata interface, the Scheme is the protocol HTTPS, Host represents the ONDA server IP address or hostname [ONDA_Catalogue_Hostname]).

The ResourcePath identifies the resource to be interacted with and enables any aspect of the data model exposed by an Odata service to be addressed. For the ONDA interface, it is Products.

QueryOptions are additional parameters for the query which specify which data are returned and how they are formatted. Read Query string options for the most common and useful scenarios.