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About the Wallet

Users choosing the Standard plan will be able to manage their payments autonomously by means of a Wallet.

About the Wallet

The Wallet is your means of payment for the Cloud Resources you order from ONDA

At the time of Wallet creation, you will have to enter some mandatory information needed for invoicing and review the ONDA Terms and Conditions.

 Wallet Credit

  • After the Wallet is created, you will have to recharge it, therefore creating a credit
  • When you order a Virtual Machine, the exact amount of money that you are spending is deducted from your Wallet. Depending on how much money you recharged, you might have a remaining credit. This information is displayed on the My Wallet page under Available Credit.
  • Money is deducted from your Wallet according to the Payment Plan you choose:
    • if you choose the Monthly Plan, the monthly cost for the selected Virtual Machine will be debited in accordance with the creation date for the first month:
      > the full monthly cost if the Virtual Machines is set to Monthly Plan on the 1st day of the solar month
      > the cost for the portion of the month if the Virtual Machine is set to Monthly Plan on any other day during the month
      Subsequently, the full Monthly cost will be deducted on the 1st day of the solar month.
    • if you choose the Hourly Plan, the hourly cost for the selected Virtual Machine will be debited for every hour of usage. You should therefore make sure you have enough credit in your Wallet before you order a Virtual Machine.
NOTE: when you create a Virtual Machine, the default payment plan is always Hourly. You need to Contact Us in order to activate the Monthly Plan.

 Payment Methods

Users are able to recharge the Wallet by using:

  • a Pay Pal account
  • all major Debit or Credit Cards through the PayPal interface, even without a PayPal account