Serco Europe and OVHcloud to evolve ONDA DIAS in support of Big Data exploitation in 2022

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Serco Europe and OVHcloud to evolve ONDA DIAS in support of Big Data exploitation in 2022

Serco Europe and OVHcloud announce that they are combining their respective expertise to develop a new structured ecosystem for Big Data users, in order to respond to the growing needs for data usage and to support the new space economy.

As data from Earth Observation programmes continue to grow exponentially, with several hundred active satellites currently in orbit, there is a need to manage these data and an increasing demand for the development of value-added applications and more complete geospatial solutions.  These will be based on Big Data, developed by combining satellite data with data from other heterogeneous sources.

In order to address this downstream market, the current partnership between the two companies, with OVHcloud being the Cloud provider for ONDA DIAS, Serco’s cloud platform for Earth Observation, will evolve to provide a new ONDA governance model for the exploitation of ONDA services.  The aim is to provide a more flexible and agile solution to meet customers’ needs and to develop joint programmes supporting start-up companies.

In addition, the two companies will ensure access to a number of new services.

Enlarged ONDA Data offer

We are delighted to inform our users that, as part of the ONDA service evolution, we are currently enlarging the volume of datasets immediately accessible online. By the end of 2021, we aim to offer a minimum of 6-month online availability of all data.

Over 2022, in our effort to better meet the requirements of our users, we will further enlarge this volume to include specific datasets that provide access to long-term series of data, as:

  • Two-year coverage of Europe for all Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Level-1/2 User Level Data
  • Selected Thematic datasets (geographic, event based, etc…)

All the other products of our data offer will remain stored on the ONDA Cloud Archive, easily accessible via order requests.

We will keep our users informed on a regular basis about the availability of datasets.

New PaaS Services

As part of ONDA service portfolio in 2022, in partnership with OVHcloud, ONDA users will have access to:

  • Latest Artificial Intelligence technology to exploit the value of ONDA datasets
  • Smart storage solutions for third party data archiving and management
  • New Kubernetes as a service to support our users to develop commercial applications
  • New version of the ONDA ENS API (V2.0)

Specific announcements will follow.

Guido Vingione, Serco Space Business Development Director says: “These are exciting times for Big Data exploitation and for our ONDA services. Together with our partner OVHcloud, we are committed to play a key role in supporting the new space economy and providing access to Earth Observation data: this is only the first step in always improving our offer and solution.”

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