Esri-ONDA Partnership

Serco Italia has selected Esri to enlarge the ONDA DIAS services offering to the users.
Esri is a technology provider for massive Earth Observation data management and on-demand processing, helping ONDA to unlock the potential of geospatial imagery.
More details to follow soon.

Learn more: Esri website


About ONDA online Help

Use the links under the Help section of our web portal navigation menu to find the best help information for your needs.

For both general and specific questions, visit our online FAQs page which now features an improved browsing experience.
Questions are conveniently organised by categories with noticeable headlines at the top of the page, so you can easily jump to the section you are looking for.
Where possible, you can use the links in the Answers to directly open the web [...]

ONDA: a multilingual web portal

The ONDA web portal - already available in Italian, German and Spanish besides English - has now been upgraded to include the French version as well.
Our multilingual content is an added benefit for all audiences who now have an easier and more direct access to comprehensive descriptions of the data and services available through our DIAS.
Select the flag from the header bar and enjoy the navigation through our Home and the Data, Services and About sections in your language!

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New release of ONDA Discovery service

A new release of our free Discovery service is now available.
You can use the ONDA Discovery service to:

browse all available data and information
filter the data to display
view the list of datasets on the Catalogue view

The new release includes new filtering functions: please read more about the new Advanced Search features on our Catalogue - Tutorial.

ONDA web portal: Spanish version now available

The ONDA Web Portal is now also available in the Spanish language: change the language by clicking the relevant flag on top of the navigation bar and browse through our Homepage and the Data, Services and About sections to find information and details about us and our offer in Spanish.
The Spanish version comes after the Italian and German translations already available when the web portal was first released, and just before the French translation, which will soon be available.

ONDA Early Adopter Programme

The ONDA Early Adopter Programme has been set up to collect feedback from early users of our Services.
The objectives of our initiative are to let the users become familiar with our solutions and to demonstrate the benefits of our Services by gathering potential use cases.
The EAP is available …

ONDA User Portal planned maintenance

Planned maintenance activities are scheduled for the User Portal over the weekend starting from Saturday at 08:00 CEST.
During the maintenance window, the Registration and Login functions can be unavailable from time to time.
Users who have bought Cloud resources can access them nominally.
Date 23/06/18 time 08:00 CEST

ONDA official launch on 20 June 2018

Our ONDA Data and Information Access Service was officially launched at the Baveno+20 event which took place on 20 and 21 June 2018.
The event has been organised by the European Commission DG GROW as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Baveno Manifesto, the document which gave birth to the Copernicus Programme.
To mark the launch, on the evening of 20 June Roberto Mulatti, General Manager for Serco Italia, addressed an audience of several delegates from the European Commission, [...]

DIAS contracts signed

On 14 December 2017, ESA, acting on behalf of the European Commission, signed Copernicus Data and Information Access Service (DIAS) contracts with four industrial consortia.
The DIAS will give unlimited, free and complete access to Copernicus data and information. The DIAS provides a scalable computing and storage environment for third …