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ONDA Cloud Archive

We wish to inform our users that a subset of the oldest ONDA public datasets currently available on the ONDA Object Storage will gradually be moved on the ONDA Archive service based on OVH Cloud Archive technology.

What is the Cloud Archive?

The Cloud Archive is a secure and reliable storage solution offered by OVH, supporting the archiving of large amount of data that remain easily accessible by the users.

What changes for users?

The impact on ONDA users will be limited: products stored on the ONDA Cloud Archive will be visible on the ONDA Catalogue and will be accessible by all users through the ONDA Catalogue and the OData API, but with a different latency.

How do I access archived datasets?

To access the archived ONDA products, users will have to select them either by clicking on a dedicated button on the ONDA Catalogue, or automatically via OData API.

Data recovery times vary from a few minutes to some hours, and once restored the products will be available to all users for immediate access and download. The selected products will then remain available for fast access for a predefined time period after the user request.

What datasets are impacted?

The datasets planned to be moved to the ONDA Cloud Archive are:

  • Sentinel-1 (except for SLC) with sensing date before 01 July 2017
  • Sentinel-2 with sensing date before 01 July 2017
  • Sentinel-3 with sensing date before 01 July 2017 

Do you want to learn more?

  • Dedicated training sessions for our Third Party Users can be scheduled on demand.

For any further clarification, please Contact Us.

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