CEOIS – Customised Earth Observation-based Information Services


CEOIS project was financed under PECS programme by ESA and its focus is producing specific EO information layers that can assist the Geospatial Operations Support Team (GOST) of the World Bank (WB). The project was oriented towards less developed countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Several information layers were developed and successfully tested inside predefined areas of interest in Burkina Faso, The Gambia, South Sudan and Somalia.
The methodology defined in the first part of the project was later implemented as a prototype solution for self-calculated Built-up area information layer in a cloud computing environment located on ONDA DIAS. The result is a prototype of cloud-based processing chain and web portal.
The project is based on Sentinel-2 Earth observation images and provides tools that produce monthly aggregated Information Layers to monitor extent and change of built-up areas, intensive change in greenness, extent of surface water areas, change in land cover elements, flood risk built-up areas and some other products.
CEOIS results for Built-up areas in Burkina Faso are presented in a prototype portal published on This prototype web application exploits ONDA DIAS Sentinel-2 data repository and available virtual machines.

ONDA Data used

  • Sentinel-2