Demystifying SAR data processing

Harris Geospatial is the world leader in image science software and supporting technologies. Our products have helped scientists explore space, see the human body in new ways, and understand the world around them. Today, our customers rely on our in-depth knowledge of advanced geospatial analytics, big data management technologies, and remotely sensed data, along with a highly tuned process for applying deep learning to deliver value across a variety of industries.

Our flagship product ENVI is the industry’s leading image science software that enables users to extract actionable information from geospatial data to make more informed decisions. ENVI image analysis capabilities are designed to seamlessly integrate other technologies: SARscape for instance, developed by our partner sarmap SA, enables the fusion of information derived from different acquisition systems. Such technology and workflow integrations, the support of today’s most popular sensors, and advanced customization features to address unique project requirements, all make ENVI many businesses’ and organizations’ preferred choice.

The application available on ONDA only serves as an example to show how connecting the ONDA platform to our analytics enables the creation of complex processing chains to extract meaningful information and maps. This information can then inform domain specific decision making or can be further exploited in subsequent processing chains.

ONDA Data used

  • Sentinel-1