FAROS (FARming Observation System)


FAROS (FARming Observation System) is a platform developed by IPTSAT, which aims to bring Cloud Computing and Earth observation technologies to the agricultural sector.

The objective of FAROS is to be an innovative web service to support farmers and agronomists by providing an advantageous and easy to use solution to control, prevent and analyse the crops using Copernicus Sentinel data.

FAROS works in a cloud computing environment with software that makes it possible to build an automated infrastructure to manage terabytes of satellite images every day and provide biophysical information using the NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) algorithm and NDWI (Normalized Difference Water Index)

FAROS supports the monitoring of a wide range of variables that affect crops, allowing farmers to take more informed decisions in the planning, planting and cultivation of new crops. It generates reports in various formats (pdf, csv, shp), making it easier to share, control and manage maps in other software. Graphical representations of crops data are included in the reports so that the user gets an immediate and intuitive view of the information coming from the plantation.

FAROS is accessible both via the web and through a mobile web_app, so as to allow access to the platform via smartphone and tablet even when working in the field. It is not enough to simply have access to the right information: quick and easy access is also essential. The time interval between the acquisition of information, their processing and access can mark the difference in taking a right or wrong decision. Agronomists and farmers need the information in their hands quickly, so that they can adapt their workflows and can focus on identifying seasonal crop anomalies in order to take immediate action.

  • FAROS website
  • ONDA Third Party Service Public Link: the application is on-demand. Request an account here.

ONDA Data used

  • Sentinel-2 A/B