Updates on major incident at OVHcloud infrastructure

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Updates on major incident at OVHcloud infrastructure

21 May 2021 

The migration of data from the secondary ONDA Catalogue to the primary one, including products from 10 March to 13 April 2021, has been completed.

Thus, the primary ONDA Catalogue is providing again access to the complete ONDA data offer.

The secondary ONDA Catalogue will be dismissed on 25 May 2021.


15 April 2021

The ONDA View service has been restored and is now available to ONDA users.

The ONDA Advanced API (ENS) service, previously limited to products published since 19 March 2021, is now supporting the access to the complete data offer, as published on the ONDA Catalogue.


14 April 2021

The Sentinel Planned Acquisition View service has been restored and is now available to ONDA users.

The ONDA Catalogue, already available since 14 March 2021, now includes:

  • The complete historical dataset, with the full set of metadata, until 09 March 2021
  • New products, since 14 April 2021.

To access products from 10 March to 13 April 2021, a secondary ONDA Catalogue access is temporarily available here. These products will also be made gradually available on the primary ONDA Catalogue; once completed, the secondary access will be dismissed.


12 April 2021

The ONDA Advanced API (ENS) service has been restored and is now available to ONDA users through the nominal interfaces for all products published on the ONDA Catalogue since 19 March 2021. For further information about ENS, please refer to this page.


6 April 2021

Starting from 22 March 2021, all ONDA users’ Virtual Resources identified as recoverable by OVHcloud have been made available again, and ONDA users have been duly informed. All restored resources are now in a nominal state, but in case of any issue, users should not hesitate to contact us.

The publication of new Sentinels and Copernicus Information products on the ONDA Catalogue is now fully restored.


18 March 2021

The ONDA User Portal is accessible and operational since 17 March 2021. New users are able to register in order to download products from the ONDA Catalogue. Previously registered users may however need to register again.

ONDA users with resources which are unfortunately identified by OVHCloud as non-recoverable, have already been contacted to arrange the replacement of their resources.

The ONDA Public Dashboard has also been restored, and provides updated information about the current status of ONDA services and published datasets.

Please also note that the following services are currently not available: Advanced API (ENS), View, Planned Acquisition View, CLEOPE. Restart of these services will take place during week 12, starting next Monday, 22 March.


15 March 2021

As previously reported, a major incident occurred on a OVHcloud datacenter providing infrastructure services on 10 March 2021, which led to a temporary interruption of the ONDA services. The restoration activities are progressing as planned.

Based on the assessment of OVHcloud on the status of ONDA assets, we are pleased to inform that users’ Virtual Resources located in Strasbourg are mostly recoverable, and will be accessible again as soon as OVHcloud restoration activities on their datacenter are completed. For further information about the status of OVHcloud datacenter you can refer to this page.

Users with resources that are unfortunately not recoverable will soon be contacted by the ONDA support team to arrange the replacement of their resources. Any other user with Virtual Resources in Strasbourg not willing to wait for the restoration of datacenters in that region may contact us to request the replacement of their resources in a different OVHcloud datacenter.

The ONDA Catalogue is up and running again, with ONDA datasets, as Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Land products are searchable and accessible at the moment. Please note that you might need to register again (registration of new users will be possible as from 16 March). It should be noted that a limited subset of metadata is exposed and searchable for the time being: Id, Name, ContentLength, CreationDate, ContentDate – Start, ContentDate – Stop, offline, size. The full set of metadata will be made accessible gradually.


12 March 2021

Following the major incident on OVHcloud infrastructure in Strasbourg, we are working hard to restore our services in the shortest possible time. You can find OVHcloud updates on the status here.

We wish to stress that all virtual resources located in different datacenters are fully operational and accessible. In addition, new resources can be created as well, and all users who need and wish to do so are kindly requested to contact us.

Concerning ONDA data access services, it is clarified that the historical archive of Earth Observation data is safely stored on the ONDA Cloud Archive, redundant in other centers.

We sincerely apologize for the difficulties and impact caused by this incident. We are continuously assessing the impact of this incident and will communicate as transparently as possible on the solutions and services restoration.


11 March 2021

Following a major incident at the OVHcloud infrastructure in Strasbourg, all of our services have been temporarily disabled.

We are in close contact with OVHcloud to restore them back to normality in the shortest possible time and will update on the situation as it progresses. Please bear with us.

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